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Windows Update: FAQ

Windows Update is a service that offers Microsoft to any of its recent Windows versions clients to let them safe of any system threat, and to solve any bug or problem that may be present on any of these products. This is very helpful to improve the user’s experience and to help him with constant support.

Here you will find all the information about any doubt that you may present with Windows Update. Therefore, keep reading to answer all these questions and feel safe or doing your updates with no problems.

What kind of information will I find on this site?

You will find complete information about update your Windows system. Therefore, if you are having any problem with this tool, you can check Windows Update FAQ to solve it.

You will find below a list of some solutions that you can find on Windows Update FAQ site:

  • Update manually: You will know how to update your system manually. This is very useful if you don’t have activated automatic updates.
  • See installed updates: If you want to know what is the update that you have installed, then you can check this information on Microsoft site.
  • Solving any error: You have complete documentation and guides about solving any problem that you can present trying to update your system.
  • Support assistant: You can contact with a professional assistant that will help you with your problem in case that you can’t solve it by yourself.

What Windows versions continue updating their systems?

The versions of Windows that are still updating their systems are from Windows 7 to the last one. Remember that all supports for Windows 7 will end on January 14, 2020; therefore you can’t continue updating this system next to this date.

Remember that you will find solutions for any of these systems. You only have to choose the Windows version that you have installed.