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Power BI Documentation

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Power BI is a group of software services, applications and connectors jointly work on your unrelated data to create visually appealing interactive reports.

Your data can be in the form o an MS Excel sheet, hybrid data warehouse tables, Power BI allows you to easily connect these data sources to visualize your data, discover the data insights and share the report with others.

Power BI is not only simple, fast to create data insights, but it is also robust and can work on enterprise data. It can also serve are your personal reporting and visualization tool for analytics and helps you in the decision-making process.

A Power BI has a desktop Windows application BI desktop, an online SasS service called BI Service and a Power BI Mobile apps. Mobile apps can run on Windows, Android and IOS devices.

These three components let you create, share business insights. Another element, Power BI Report Server helps you to publish your generated Power BI reports to a report server.

When a report is created using Power BI Desktop and placed in the BI Service, this report can be accessed by a business team from their mobile or laptop connected to this BI Service.

A developer creates the reports using Power BI API, use data sets mapped to databases, embed dashboards to create custom reports. The completed reports are pushed into a reporting server or service.

The end-users of the report connect to the report server or service, access and view these reports on their devices like a laptop or mobile.

Power BI can be used as a tool for designers to design report layouts, developers who create the reports and push them on to servers, consumers who access these reports from their devices.

An Administrator overlooks the entire flow of reports, controls and secures the access to reports, maintaining the report server, accepts or rejects the reported movement to end-users.

You can use Power BI to deploy reports to a server with firewall protection and deliver reports to right users based on the credentials and access provided.