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PC compatibility in Windows Mixed Reality

The Windows Mixed Reality in Windows 10 provides you a platform to enjoy a holographic and mixed reality experience using devices compatible in virtual reality. To use Windows Mixed Reality application on your PC, your PC needs to be compatible and has a minimum set of configurations. You can check the compatibility of your PC for Window Mixed Reality using a PC check app that gives you a clear indication on the level of readiness your PC can support it.

For the best experience, you can use a PC that already compatible or ready with Windows Mixed Reality. The Windows Mixed Reality Ultra provides more crisp visuals, high refresh rates, smooth-running games, to record and share photo or video from this app. The actual experience may vary from PC to PC depending on the configuration setup, ports configured and headsets used.

If your PC is not pre-configured for Windows Mixed Reality, you can check for its compatibility using Windows Mixed Reality PC check. You can download the free app from Microsoft and install on your PC. You can run this app on your PC to get the readiness of your PC for Windows Mixed Reality.

When you run this PC check app, the app validates your PC for the compatibility and gives you a report that can be any of the three possible outcomes. It can report anyone among the following :
i. You are good to go.
ii. Some features are supported.
iii. Can not run Mixed Reality.

When the PC check app reports ‘Good To Go’, it is great news that your PC is compatible with Mixed Reality app. The Mixed Reality runs on your PC but varies from PC to PC depending on the resources configurations and availability.

When the PC check app reports, ‘Some features are supported, it means that your PC can run Windows Mixed Reality but not provide the best experience as there are some shortfalls or incompatibility in the PC hardware.

When the PC check app report ‘Can not run’, it means that your PC is not compatible and can not run Mixed Reality. You need to for a new upgraded PC to run Mixed Reality. Your current PC lacks minimum compatible and supporting.

Link: PC compatibility in Windows Mixed Reality