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Microsoft Privacy Statement

elloohttps://privacy microsoft com/en-us/privacystatement 

The Microsoft Privacy Statement explains the use of personal data on the Microsoft processes, how Microsoft processes these data and purpose using the personal data.

Microsoft has a long list of products to help operate users worldwide including large enterprises using devices, software, services. In also include Microsoft services, websites, applications, servers, and devices. The Privacy Statement applies to communications with Microsoft.

Personal Data Collection

Microsoft collects your personal data through the interactions you have with Microsoft directly or through product experiences or through automated processes like AI.

The personal data that is collected depends on the choices you make, your privacy settings, the context of interactions, and product and features you use.

You have the right to decline the request to share the personal data. Most of the Microsoft Products need your personal data to provide you the service and when you decline to share the requested data, you cannot use that product or feature.

The personal data collected is as per law to enter into or create a contract with you. When you decline to provide the data, the contract cannot be created. If you decline to provide requested data for an existing feature or product, further access may be canceled or suspended.

Using Personal Data

Microsoft uses personal data to provide rich user experience in Microsoft products, updating and securing the products. It also uses to troubleshoot the issues and provide support.

The collected personal data is also used to improve and develop Microsoft Products, personalize and make recommendations to product based on personal data.

The personal data is also used to advertise and market new products to you. It includes sending promotional materials, advertising with relevant offers from Microsoft.

Sharing Personal Data

Microsoft shares your personal data with your approval or for any transactions or product requested by you.

The personal data is also shared with affiliates, subsidiaries who under Microsoft control.

Your personal data is also shared when required by law or any legal processes to protect Microsoft customers, products and its rights.