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How to use alarms in Windows 10

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You can use the inbuilt alarm application in Windows 10 to set alarms., measure time taken for event and also defined time fix for an event. You can also use to set World clock, timer, and stopwatch.

The Alarms and the Clock is a new application added in Window 10. In the section below you can find details steps to set alarms, timers, and stopwatch using the alarms application.

You can use the alarm features in your day to day life to morning wake up calls, set a timer to measure the timing of events and a stopwatch to catch the time elapse.

To set the set alarm, open the ‘Alarm and Clocks’ application in Windows 10 by typing ‘Alarm’ in the search box. From the list, select Alarms and Clock application.

Double click on the time at the left side and select hour and minutes to change to the time you want the alarm. Also, set the AM/PM mode. Enter any name that matches to your alarm needs or any common names like Good Morning, Evening, Noon.

Click on the Alarm and set the days on which the alarm needs to ring as per your schedule. You can select the days by clicking the box so that a checkmark is visible against the days. Close the window by clicking ‘X’ at top right corner.

You can set the sound of your choice by clicking on ‘Sound’ and select the sound of your choice from the displayed list.

You can also set the snooze alarm time, the time after which the alarm rings again if it is unattended. Save the alarm by clicking on the ‘Save’ icon on the bottom side of the Alarm Application.

You can add as many alarms as you wish or delete an existing alarm from the Alarm application. You can also select the Timer Tab in the Alarm app to start a timer, reset a timer to measure the time elapsed by clicking on the play icon.