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Bing Maps

Bing Map is a web service provided as part of Microsoft’s Bing search engine suite. It was previously called as Live Search Map, Windows Live Maps, MSN Visual Earth. Bing Maps are updated to cover large geographic areas with its imagery. Each update of imagery involves about 10 TB of image data.

You can use Bing Map to search shaded street maps for cities worldwide. The Bing Maps displays places of interest, public created points, businesses, locations or people. It also provides 5 street map views such as Road View, Aerial View, Bird’s Eye View, Street View, and 3D view.

The road view displays roads and buildings. Aerial view displays a satellite image of the map with roads and major landmarks highlighted over it. The Bird’s view provides images which are captured by a low flying aircraft. You can see street signs, ad boards, pedestrians clearly with Bird’s Eye view. The street-side view provides a 360-degree image of street-level images taken with special cameras. The 3D map view allows you to see the environment in 3D. To get near realism, 3D buildings are layered with a composite texture. You need to install a plugin to use the 3D Maps. You can view more than 60 cities worldwide using 3D maps.

You can also get walking and transit directions between two locations using a bus, local rail in 11 Cities of the US and few cities in other countries. The Bing app uses 3rd party applications to help you locate parking space, taxi fare calculator, explore day’s newspaper.
Bing Map also shows you the current traffic on major roads and highways. It uses 4 types of color codes as black, red, yellow and green to indicate the volume of the traffic. You can share a Bing Map or embed it in your website When you click on the email icon on Bing, you can share the map using an email option. You can also use the search box to find places, people, landmarks, business units.